Welcome to kinderspielstaedte.com


Since 2006 our network of children's playtowns is working. We share a lot of enthusiasm and fun about organizing our projects and watching children act as responsible citizens in social communities.

We feel, that there is no better educational method than a childrens playtown, that lets children play, have fun and learn at the same time.

Here children have so many choices in what job they like to do, how they spend their- self owned- money, whether they want to take lessons at the university, start a political career and so on...

In the first case our intention in networking was to share our expert knowledge, finding solutions for this and that and to further develop the playtown-method.
Little later, we decided to put some of this experience into a website so "all of the world" can get inspired.
We are happy for suggestions and questions about this page an the childrens playtown! So please contact us!