2003 The decision was made to create a Play Town for children with the name of Mini-Regensburg.


2004 – 2007 Spies from Regensburg explore Mini-München and Mini-Salzburg!


2007 Taking place for the first time, Mini-Regensburg (MR) was enthusiastically received by the children (approx. 800 children per day), the parents, the press and also the politicians.


2009 The rush was even greater, an average of 1028 children participated, so that during peak periods there were even unemployed children, despite 50 more work places having been offered than in 2007.


2011 The Play Town has expanded once more. There were more locations, the town map was changed so that more locations could fit into the large hall. On average Mini-Regensburg had 1200 children as inhabitants per day it took place. On the first day the number counted was 1800, which felt like 4000.


2013 Once again children made unique experiences. Statistically the number of visitors decreased a little. 250 children less per day lead to a markedly calmer atmosphere and full employment. Now the planning stage for 2015 – and the next Mini-Regensburg begins!







Two schools, one with a triple P.E. building/gym of approx. 1000 m², the other with a simple P.E. building/gym of approx. 400 m², a large external area with football field and basketball courts, a schoolyard and since this was still not enough, individual classrooms were also included in the game.




City of Regensburg, represented by the Amt für kommunale Jugendarbeit Municipal Youth Work Office. All employees of the Youth Work Department are actively involved. The price paid are longer closures of Youth Centres in the summer on the one hand, but around 6000 mostly happy children on the other.






More than 100 adults per day, only around 25 of whom are permanent employees of the City of Regensburg, 5 experts (cooks, joiner, artist, radio technician) and many volunteers who become involved for a small daily allowance:






Contact person: Reiner Wild
Stadt Regensburg
D – 93047 Regensburg
T. 0049 941-5075550