MiniBZ - The Play Town of Bozen

Founded in:




From 1991 to 2013 every 2 years. From 2014 every year



from the beginning/mid June for 2 to 3 weeks. Mondays to Fridays (10am -6pm). From 2014 from 7.45 am – 5pm.



Town Hall Bozen


Number of Children per Day, per Play Town:

Up to 2013: between 250 and 800 children per day. Per Play Town of 2 weeks approx. 1,400 participants and per Play Town of 3 weeks approx. 2,300 participants.


from 2014: a maximum of 500 children




Educators, experts from different areas (internet, newspaper, paid workers, students (pedagogics, art etc.), social pedagogues, pedagogues with a background in educational games, youth workers, volunteers


approx. 70-100 helpers per day. A total of 110

of which
6 people on the project team (Play Bus team, management, City of Bozen coordinator of the activities).

2 VKE staff members from the Play Houses (6 of them on the project team)

42 paid helpers,

10 specialists or cooperation partners

50 volunteers.


Modalities for the Participation:

until 2013 without advance bookings;

from 2014 both with advance bookings and supervision, as well as by paying the daily fee on the day.


Daily admission between 6 € and 10 €; reductions for weekly tickets or for families with more than 3 children



20 % own funds (admissions, donations)

50 % public sector (region and local community)

30 % sponsors


For Presentation Purposes:

Issue No. 0 of the BOH newspaper, money, I.D. card, rules of the game, different issues of the BOH newspaper, Memory, CD-Rom


Three special institutions 2013:

Mediation Office


External area with farm, vegetable garden, Celtic games




Short Description:


MiniBZ is a role play during which children can experience the most important areas of a modern town. The town setting serves as a joint space for games and experiments. The adult world is trying more and more to separate children in a fake world without connections to reality. Knowledge is more and more imparted by parents, teachers, books, TV, etc. and less and less by activities. MiniBZ creates varied motivations to get active.


Up to 2013 MiniBZ was an offer free of charge, taking place every two years. From 2014 MiniBZ becomes a free time offer which requires advance booking and will take place for 3 weeks following the end of school in June. However, there is also the possibility to participate without booking in advance. The number of children admitted is limited, though. A maximum of 500 children can participate in each game.






VKE – Verein für Kinderspielplätze und Erholung Playground and Recreation Association


in cooperation with different clubs, organisations and bodies on local and regional level:


Bozen Community (Amt für Freizeit Leisure Department),


Region (deutsches und italienisches Amt für Familie, Frau und Jugend, Amt für Umwelt German and Italian Department for Families, Women and Youth),

Youth centres in Bozen,

SEAB – public waste disposal,

SGGF – Association for Health Promotion South Tyrol

Daily newspapers Dolomiten and Alto Adige,

University of Bozen,

EURAC – European Academy

Different sports clubs with their seat at the Stadthalle multi-purpose hall

Red Cross Youth.





VKE – Verein für Kinderspielplätze und Erholung

Contact person: Ivan Runggatscher

I – 39100 Bozen

T. 0039 0471-977413