Mini-Lënster „D’Stad wou d’Kanner d’Soen hunn“



In 2009 we organised a Play Town for the first time with 280 children, mainly using the example of the Munich model.


2010 The second edition of Mini-Lënster took place with 400 children per day and a focus on „crafts“.


The third edition took place from the 16th of July – 31st of July 2012, with more than 400 children on each day. Then the focus topic was „Diversity and research“.


The fourth edition of Mini-Lënster is taking place from the 21st of July – 1st of August 2014. The focus topic this time will be „Mini-Lënster and its neighbours“ (geographical, social…)






Short Description:


Mini-Lënster is organised by SEA Päiperlék, a service of Lënster Päiperlék asbl. As a non-profit organisation, SEA is financed by the local community administration and by the Luxemburg Ministry of Education. Throughout the year, the SEA Päiperlék takes care of approx.700 children and teenagers up to 12 years of age from the community of Junglinster (Luxemburg), as a parascholastic institution. The offer includes both regular care for the children and supplementary care, with lunch and scholastic support, also in the form of isolated offers in the field of scholastic learning support, free time activities and school canteen.


Since 2006 we have been offering project-oriented free-time activities for small groups of children of the same age group.


Alternating with Mini-Lënster we are offering an adventure playground for two weeks in the summer holidays, where children and teenagers (max. 14 years) can wear themselves out in natural surroundings und can make many experiences from the area of adventure pedagogy under professional supervision.


At a sports hall in Junglinster (1000sqm), different class rooms as well as the external area (2500sqm) of the SEA Païperlék and the school.




Around 40 permanent employees (Social pedagogues and educators of SEA Päiperlék and 35 students are taking care of the game system and, if necessary, of the around 500 citizens of Mini-Lënster. Approximately 60 adult cooperation partners help at one time or during the whole project and convey their techniques (craftspeople, artists, athletes…)




SEA Päiperlék

Contact person

Sandra Schiumarini

20, rue du Village  

L – 6140 Junglinster  


T. 00352 26 782667