2003: „Mini-Salzburg“ follows the example of Mini-München and takes place for the first time in Austria, in Salzburg, and fascinates by its great variety and liveliness.


2005: Motto: "Festival? A Play Town Festival!" After the great success of the first Play Town, "Mini-Salzburg" is already taking place for the second time


2007: Motto: „Let’s create our own town!“ Focus: Play Town on tour through the city of Salzburg (excursions and trips), extension of the workshops, as demanded by the different crafts


2009: Motto: „Town. Game. Adventure!“ Focus: wheel chair access, senses, building of embassies, encouraging interest in research and discovering


2011: Motto: „Play Town celebrates its fifth birthday!“ Focus: International & wheel chair access


2013: Motto: We are celebrating „10 years of Mini-Salzburg“! Apart from a review on the development of the project, we are focusing on the future with the topics of health, energy efficiency & sustainability, international relations and crafts!


2015: planned date: 24th June – 11th July, game takes place Tuesdays - Saturdays



Short Description :

The social-profit organisation Spektrum, successful in the field of work with children and teenagers, has made it its aim to bring experiences made over decades in educational activities in the areas of media, sports, environment, theatre, music, health, etc. together in a joint operation and oblige project partners, donors and the public to join in: This all lead to the idea – following the Munich example- of creating Mini-Salzburg. Right from the start it was the biggest community offer for children and teenagers in the City of Salzburg.


The past Play Towns of Mini-Salzburg had more than 7000 inhabitants each. Between 1000 and 1400 children participated each day, which equals a number of 18,000 visitors, joined by adults, teachers, politicians and many curious observers who were keen to see what was going on in Play Town.


More than 80 qualified employees from the social sector offered up to 750 jobs simultaneously at 55 different locations.




Play Town „Mini-Salzburg“ takes place in the Eisarena and the Volksgarten in Salzburg. The inside part of Play Town hosts the town government, the local authorities, the restaurant, the stage, the TV studio, the blind café, the university and many more. The external part with its large park area and the beautiful lake are the setting for the workshops, the boat rental, the driving school, the fun fair, sports and many more exciting places.




Verein Spektrum

Contact persons: Thomas Schuster, Petra Burgstaller

Schumacherstraße 20

A - 5020 Salzburg

T. 0043 662 43 42 16