Mini-Plzeň 2015


In 1994 Lenka Hubáčková got to know the project Mini-München and was working several times in different areas there until 2006.


2007 Together with friends she founded the organisation TRK o.s. in Prague with the idea of putting a Play Town into practice in the Czech Republic.


2008 This project idea was presented at the Bambiriada (Presentation of clubs and organisations of extra-curricular work with children and teenagers) in Prague and for the first time children from the Czech Republic came to Mini-München for a week.


2009 First negotiations with the City of Plzeň to realize the project in the context of the European Cultural Capital in the year 2015, the network meeting of the Play Towns South took place on invitation by the City of Plzeň. The Play Town partners introduced the Play Town project to the experts of Plzeň at a specialist conference.


2010 Plzeň Embassy in Mini-München – 6 children from Plzeň visited Mini-München for a week .


2011 Plzeň culture centre in Mini-Regensburg – 10 children from Plzeň spent a week in Mini-Regensburg. In the autumn children from Mini-Regenburg reciprocated and visited Plzeň. The mayor received both groups of children at the town hall and discussed the Play Town idea with them.


2012 In preparation for the Play Town Mini-Plzen the one- day project „Look, a town!“ was created, a public cardboard town building event for children and teenagers. Excursion with pedagogues, artists and architects to Mini-München; signing of the contract with the organisation Plzeň 2015 o.p.s. regarding the cooperation and financial support of the project Mini-Plzen. Start of the preparations for Mini-Plzen 2015.


2013 Continuous project preparations; excursions with children and adults to Mini-Salzburg and Mini-Regensburg.


2014 A public planning workshop for 50 children and teenagers is included in the continuing project preparations, a third embassy trip with children from Plzeň to Mini-München is also planned.

Short description:

- The first Play Town in the Czech Republic will be created for 3 weeks during the summer holidays 2015 in Plzeň, Western Bohemia

- It will be built in a roofed hall with external area

- Publicly accessible 5 days a week from 10 am-5 pm



Up to 600 children can participate in the game every day, so a total of up to 9000 children in 3 weeks.




Organisation TRK o.s. in cooperation with many organisations and partners from Plzeň

The project will take place under the patronage of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (MŠMT).

Project partner is Plzeň – Cultural Capital of Europe 2015




TRK o.s.

Contact person: Lenka Hubáčková

Havránkova 1656/3

CZ – 1 8200 Praha 8

IČO: 270 539 46

T. 00420/773 475 991